Below is the calendar or special events apart from our regular ministries. 
We would be grateful if you could kindly uphold us in your prayers.

Sl.No Date Program Where
01 22-26/July/2019

Teaching in the DTS

02 02-13/August/2019 2nd Term Exam - Smai Academy School
03 09-13/September/2019 Teaching in the DTS Delhi
04 16-18/September/2019 Attend conference Chennai



Puja Vacation - Smai Academy


06 07-09/October/2019 As speaker -  Children Camp Guwahati
07 14-18/November/2019 As Resource person - Kuki Baptist Convention, Mission Conference. Kangpokpi, Manipur
08 25th Nov-5th Dec 2019 Final Exam - Smai Academy School


God bless you


Mang and Mahima


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